Cancer Treatment & Research Trust (CTRT)
The Cancer Treatment & Research Trust is a charitable fund, setup to receive donations to enable us to undertake research into the diseases we diagnose and treat. Visit this site for further information about how you can support our research.

The ISSTD is the International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Diseases, the official medical agency for physicians treating hydatidiform mole, PSTT, and choriocarcinoma.

Europe's leading cancer information service, providing accurate, up-to-date and authorative cancer information, resources and support for people affected by cancer.

Sheffield Unit
The Sheffield Trophoblastic Disease Centre screens for gestational trophoblastic tumours a spectrum of disorders including hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma.

My Molar Pregnancy
Information, personal stories, and support for women with molar pregnancy. This site is for women with molar pregnancy or who want to know more about it, without the medical jargon. Here you'll find the help and support you need.

Molar Pregnancy Support and Information
Molar Pregnancy Support Website - Offering Support and Information to those who have concerns or questions about a molar pregnancy.

Miscarriage Association
The Miscarriage Association - support and information for anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.

Cancer Research UK’s patient information website.

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Mummy's Star
The only charity in the UK and Ireland supporting women diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy.

Shoot for Charity
Raising money for the Cancer Treatment and Research Trust and other charities through photography.

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