Information for Patients with Molar Pregnancies or Choriocarcinoma

The timetable of the hCG follow-up

After treatment stops: - serum and urine samples weekly for six weeks.
At six weeks after treatment: - a final check-up and ultrasound
Year 1 - months 0 - 6 --- Two-weekly blood and urine
Year 1 - months 7 -12 --- Two-weekly urine
Year 2 --- Monthly urine
Year 3 --- Two-monthly urine
Year 4 --- Three-monthly urine
Year 5 --- Four-monthly urine
Year 6 and for life --- Six-monthly urine

Similarly to the information above for women who didn't need treatment, patients who have been treated for molar pregnancy, will have urine and blood hCG testing 6 and 10 weeks after any subsequent pregnancies.

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