Information for Patients with Molar Pregnancies or Choriocarcinoma

The Treatment of Molar Pregnancy

Once a molar pregnancy is confirmed the first step is to evacuate the cells from the uterus. This is normally done viable a small surgical procedure (often termed a D and C) but occasionally particularly with a partial molar pregnancy this is done with the use of tablets that make the uterus contract and expel the cells. The tissue removed at the time of the evacuation has a characteristic appearance, particularly in a complete mole and is described as looking like a bunch of grapes. Fig 4 shows a picture of complete molar tissue removed in this case by operation.

Fig 4 Mole 1

After the initial evacuation all women with a molar pregnancy should be in a follow-up programme that tracks what is happening to any cells that remain in the uterus and picks out those that need further treatment. Fortunately in the UK all women who have a molar pregnancy are enrolled into a national follow-up programme based on repeated hCG measurements. This allows the medical team to just watch the women in whom the problem is resolving on its own and to quickly call up the women who need treatment as their cells are growing.

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